Inkiostro Bianco tells its story through its wallpapers.

8 September 2020

How can a wallpaper brand tell its story, if not through a chronological excursus of its most popular graphics and iconic decorations?

STORY 2013/2019 traces the path of Inkiostro Bianco through the brand’s iconic creations. A new digital tool that contains the fundamental points to know the unmistakable style of the brand, useful both for those who already know it and for those who want to discover it.

Flipping through the pages will be a bit like flipping through a photo album, a tale made up by images.

This first collection offers a selection of 147 graphic designs from 2013 to 2019 among a production of over 600 wallpaper decorations. From 2019, the collections have started telling different stories, each one individually examined in depth along specific thematic paths.

STORY 2013/2019 becomes an essential working tool for Inkiostro Bianco retailers, who will be able to offer their customers the creative essence of the brand thanks to the division of the chapters into styles: floral, geometric, pattern, illustrative. A classification that will guide designers and sales managers in the creative proposal to their clients.

Images and decorations take the role of words, and as words develop a story on the walls to tell ever-changing stories.

Discover all the graphic designs that have been selected in the STORY 2013/2019 collection using the collection filter in the catalogue of our website!