Floral or geometric wallpaper? Inkiostro Bianco wallpapers interpret any style desired by the customer.

7 October 2020

The choice of wallpaper as a wall decoration carries itself the desire to “change the scenery”. The wallpaper, therefore, as a background or almost as a setting, must adapt to the mood and style that has been defined during the interior planning phase.

Style is an expression of personality and so much more. It expresses the wish to transport those who live in that room to another era, country, climate, even to an imaginary universe.

Floral wallpaper represents a trend that interprets the personality of those who choose it and fulfils the desire to bring nature, its scents and its colours inside the rooms.

We want to share some curiosities about this trend to which we always dedicate so much space in our collections.

The floral style has its roots in the design world between the 19th and the beginning of the 20th Century, when It was very popular within architecture and decoration, typically known as art nouveau characterized by the use of forms derived from the plants and naturalistic world.

This trend has undergone numerous evolutions over time with contaminations of styles that have influenced different fields up to the present day.
From fashion to furnishing fabrics, from home design to interior decoration, the floral theme has now become a classic trend, a style not only for lovers of nature and green thinkers.

Every room has its flower. A classic setting could require romantic floral motifs such as our Liberty floral wallpaper reproducing a macro-detail of roses in antique pictorial style, or Infuse wallpaper, a floral pattern with repetitive pattern typical of the best tradition of wall coverings.

However, it is not obvious that a classic setting determines the choice of wallpaper from traditional subjects. Contrasts can give the room a strong and welcoming character. Jacqueline and Promenade graphics propose a revisitation of traditional floral themes with contaminations of geometrical elements in the first case and naturalistic elements in the second case that reproduces a floral pattern with the repetitive insertion of lizards and insects almost breaking the classic austerity with a touch of originality.

Inkiostro Bianco's floral wallpapers offer a variety of decorations able to satisfy every personality and stylistic need. In the different collections the floral theme has been reinterpreted and developed according to the themes identified by trend research. The productions range from contaminations of flowers and subjects derived from the natural world with graphic elements belonging to other styles. Here are geometric flowers where the flower peeps out between lines and geometries, plants and leaves merge on material backgrounds as if they were casts and reminiscences of the passage of time on fleeting and transient nature.

The floral style also includes some variations to the nature theme that over time have expanded the proposal integrating the Jungle style in the pink of the possible decorative declinations, which has become an essential and much sought after trend in interior decoration.
This trend has been a natural evolution of the green style linked to purely ideological themes in response to ecological problems of climate change and the proposal of an eco-sustainable lifestyle in respect of the room that surrounds us.

The Urban Jungle style has been introduced in the interior design, the tendency to furnish interiors with the use of preferably tropical or similar plants. The Urban Jungle style is a lifestyle. Not only plants but a search for mainly natural materials and neutral colours. This decorative choice expresses the need to bring nature into the home, but it is not only the presence of plants of every order and degree that decrees one's appreciation for the jungle style. It is possible to satisfy one's desire to reconnect with nature and bring it into one's own spaces through the choice of furnishing accessories and other decorative elements that can serve as a frame for one's everyday life.
The jungle wallpaper therefore becomes the background that sets the spaces in a perfect urban jungle able to enter the home. Crazy jungles, leaves and Amazonian forest colours transform the rooms into nature reserves that regenerate and relax the souls of those who live there.

The haute couture catwalks have extensively dealt with the floral and jungle theme in an infinite variety of proposals on fabrics, accessories and settings to become a must-have in your wardrobe. Even interior decoration, strongly influenced and contaminated by fashion trends, continues its exploration of the theme and renews its proposals while keeping the trend alive, which is still very much appreciated by the customers.
Inkiostro Bianco wallpaper collections have always dedicated space to the theme of nature, an inexhaustible source of inspiration deriving creative interpretations according to the brand's vision.

The floral style is only one of the proposals to which we dedicate our creative thought. Many are the explored styles from which our design wallpapers are derived. Some contaminations between themes can provide a valid alternative for those who are unable to decide their own style because they are attracted by several subjects, thus being able to capture elements of interest represented in the same decoration.
Our personalization service makes it possible to create graphics on demand to satisfy the wishes of our customers.
All the most recent seasonal collections of Inkiostro Bianco are already divided by style and also the new Story catalogue has been organized following the same criteria in order to facilitate the consultation and research of the decoration that best suits the mood chosen by the customer.