lineadeko 2019 - Combined total look for the bathroom

Birchwood and EQ•dekor fiber glass are the ideal wallcoverings to make the bathroom cozy and unique. The high resistance to humidity of the birchwood and the high-resistance technical features in contact with water of the EQ•dekor fiber glass create an integrated decorative solution for the bathroom, originating from the combination of two materials: lineadeko as wallcovering and EQ•dekor fiber glass inside the shower area for a refined, elegant and waterproof look. The graphic designs and the colours harmoniously match with one another, thus proposing a total look specifically designed.

Technical Specs


  • EQ•dekor – fiber glass: width 94 cm




EQ•dekor Fiber Glass

Decorated glass fibre glass for floorings, bathrooms and kitchens. The revolutionary covering with protective and decorative function originates from the cooperation between Inkiostro Bianco and Mapei.

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