lineadeko comes from the cooperation between Inkiostro Bianco and Listone Giordano: a new interpretation of the wooden material enhanced by colour digital printing. A path which started on horizontal surfaces, but now climbs up on the walls becoming a vertical and complete covering system.

The idea of wallcovering itself is reinvented and transformed into an enchanted and dynamic furnishing element, able to design new spaces and widen perspectives, thus creating unusual atmospheres. This concept of wallcovering produces sensations of uncommon beauty, creating walls with a pleasant touch, lively and evocative, that are in tune with our emotions during everyday life.

lineadeko by Aldo Cibic

The collection of three-dimensional surfaces signed by Aldo Cibic represents the perfect union among design, naturalness of the wooden material and new digital printing and engraving technologies. An sophisticated project with a striking graphic and decorative impact, rich in spectacular elements inspired by nature, graphic arts, photography and contemporary art, which cut through gorgeous walls, even on big dimensions, and liven them up with elegant aspects and design textures. The patterns feature trails of lines joining rhythmic and harmonic shapes, some curved and others minimal with an extraordinary velvety and soft effect.


ADA prize aims at identifying excellences within international design, highlighting the most virtuous cooperations between brands and designers as well as product innovations.


  • PEFC - guarantees the origin of the products from sustainably-managed forests
  • FSC - guarantees the origin from forests managed in compliance with strict environmental, social and economic standards
  • CARB – ATCM 93120 - all the multilayer birch panels used by Listone Giordano comply with the requirements established by the CARB Phase 2 standard for the Formaldehyde emissions
  • Formaldehyde – Listone Giordano fully complies with the limitations imposed by class E1
  • Fire reaction – the updated list of fire reaction classes is available at the website:
  • CE marking – Listone Giordano complies with the requirements established by the legislation on the CE marking regarding wooden floorings.


Birch multilayer | processing: decorated printing
Birch is a highly resistant material. The peculiar disposition of the layers in crossed fibers makes the panels stable and non-deformable, which is perfect for wallcovering use, even in the most difficult spaces, such as bathrooms and kitchens. The resistance of birch wood across the fibers is 30% higher than other types of wood and, given equal thickness, ensures a better stability. It is also one of the broad-leaved trees with the quickest regrowth, for this reason it ensures a more rational use of the forest resources. Following a specific work of research and development Inkiostro Bianco and Listone Giordano have chosen to use birch as a noble material for this wall furniture element. A wooden surface made more precious by the decorations guarantees the advantage of a durable investment.