An unexpected mixture of eclectic illustrations and Inkiostro Bianco wallpapers.

29 January 2020

Inkiostro Bianco has the pleasure to introduce the first of the illustrators who have cooperated to the new wallpaper collection Sketchbook, free-hand thoughts.

The work of Giorgia Ricci is deeply rooted into fashion, design and photography, and her development brought her to find her own peculiar way of expression capable of adapting like a chameleon to different materials.

This is made real through the constant research and the will to make the observers ponder upon her works, maintaining the care for every detail and the love of harmonic shapes.

A feminine and elegant style, whose subjects, however, strike strongly and fascinate the observer by projecting him into a dreamlike and mysterious dimension, at times even disturbing and dark.

Within this dimension, the sketchbook becomes the preferred playground, where it is possible to experiment and everything is allowed, a figurative container where the basis of everything is the design not only as a passion or profession, but just as a need for life.

“The sketchbook is the shelter where everything is possible, a place of freedom and escape; I have suitcases full of diaries”

A mélange of drawing, painting, photography meeting a strong personality open to experimentation and innovation.
His inspirations range from great masters such as William Morris, Mariano Fortuny and Piero Fornasetti, to ancient etchings and classical decoration, passing through the exotic naturalistic illustrations of Marianne North.
The hallmark of her illustrative style is the will to tell a story, to narrate, and in fact her strong images "speak" with a very well distinguished voice.

For example, in the graphics that she designed for Inkiostro Bianco's wallpapers we find an era suspended between dream and magic in which a big dinosaur becomes something unexpected, the symbol of an unknown age and of a primordial and fantastic nature alongside elements with a classic taste inspired by the Flemish floral painting of the mid-seventeenth century.
Her sketchbook is a true Wunderkammer, the place where a freely wandering mind creates monsters or wonders that obsess and fascinate, and slowly develop according to the shape that Giorgia chooses to give them from time to time.