The new wallpaper collection by Inkiostro Bianco proves the brand fond of art and eccentricity.

21 January 2020

What is an illustration?
It is not a simple drawing, it is a story that demands being told.
The new collection presented by Inkiostro Bianco starts from the concept of illustration and develops it thanks to the cooperation with designers in and outside the Company.
Each designer has interpreted the theme according to her/his background and technical knowledge.
Each person is an independent microcosm with its own emotions, intuition and aesthetic taste. Within this microcosm everyone perceives reality according to its unique style.
The sketchbook is the place where these small universes express themselves and grow, finding their way and becoming living stories thanks to the hand of the artist.
Flipping the pages of the sketchbook is like looking at the world from a perspective any time different, thus recalling the moment or situation in which a particular idea was born.
Let yourself be fascinated by this multitude of stories without any limitation to fantasy. Observe the white blank page, grab your pencil and curiosity and start a new journey around the world!