Escaping from the urban jungle on the walls with Inkiostro Bianco.

9 January 2020

The Cruise Collection Inediti presented by Inkiostro Bianco is now enriched by the new series 02 featuring 5 new decorations with a theme yet to be discovered.

Our hectic life dries our energies out and we feel the need to recharge to find the right harmony to peacefully live all the phases of our everyday.

The escape from the urban jungle is nowadays a crucial point in the planning of our seasons, becoming although pleasant escape to a place that lets us ease the senses.

Taking distance from the chaos and practicing a return to the origins is not only a digital detox issue, but a true reconciliation with ourselves which is essential to rebalance the mind and the physical resources.

A simple sensory input, such as the smell of a flower or a colour, is enough to awake an ancestral memory in our mind and a sense of unexpected dynamism, as a new energy that rises again.

Finding the same sensations in a room, which can also be far away from nature, can be the strong point of any interior design project.

Alternating moments of freedom and relaxation to intense periods of work is essential to live a healthy life and confer the right rhythm to our everyday.

Enter the jungle and discover the news that Inediti series 02 has in store for you!