Inkiostro Bianco proposes the Cruise Collection Inediti series 1 to meet any customer’s demand.

31 October 2019

Concerning the fashion sector, the cruise collections have become an increasingly significant and widespread phenomenon.
At the beginning they simply were collections presented in spring with items of clothing designed for the people who go on holiday in exotic places during winter vacations (hence the use of the term cruise). Nevertheless, their function has recently become wider. These collections are usually dedicated to the most promising markets and create the right occasion to choose exclusive locations for the catwalks to display easy to wear clothes and suggest new ideas to the customers rather than the seasonal classic collections. Outfits that can be suitable for holidays in the mountains, at the Caribbean Sea or at the Mediterranean Sea.

ICollections featuring items specifically designed for summer holidays: big hats, bathing suit, bags and sandals to flaunt as a symbol of lifestyle. Now the audience has become wider and diverse and the same collection must be suitable for many different potential buyers, who live in different parts of the world.

Today the catwalks of the cruise collections take place at eclectic and evocative locations, that can be compared to the prêt-à-porter collections. Chanel, for instance, was the first fashion design house to organise a catwalk on Paseo de Prado de L’Havana in Cuba.

As a brand that handles aesthetics and trends, Inkiostro Bianco has borrowed from fashion the concept of cruise collection to highlight one of the elementary traits of its creative character: customisation.
Customisation has indeed become everyday work for many brands of interior design and other market sectors.
The taste and the demands of the customers are satisfied to accomplish the needs of the project, analysing it in the perspective of the aesthetic values of the brand.
Both in the interior furnishing and in accessories, the new trends are combinable elements, matching colours and the customisable designs, details and colours.

Designed to provide new inspirations waiting for the seasonal collections, the Cruise Collection Inediti signed by Inkiostro Bianco let your phantasy run across oriental sceneries and imaginative greenery, contrasting colours and plays of light and shadows, as well as relaxing and almost meditative landscapes.
The mix of inspirations, moods and new trends gives the chance to enrich the portfolio of the brand and satisfy the requests of any customer by finding surprising decorative solutions.
Breaking the rules is fundamental, since it allows us to see the life with different colours and break the dullness appreciating any subtle shade.