The conclusion of a journey full of encounters and wonders, that demands the imagination to go further and further while rethinking wall decoration through Inkiostro Bianco wallpapers.

22 December 2020

The journey continues and concludes within the virtual world of video games, but then continues in the real world.

A journey that ends with a bit of nostalgia but also with the awareness that imagination and creativity are the keys to see the world from a different and original point of view.

After successfully navigating the first levels, Nib has to face increasingly difficult trials, like any well-respected hero. Like him, we too have constant challenges to overcome, forcing us to use all of our strength and intuition.

In our homes, or any other space made to welcome many people (restaurants, hotels and even commercial spaces), it is essential that the furniture elements and the whole interior design are in line with each other and follow the same style, colour scheme, or a common theme. Recreating a comfortable space is an essential part of awakening certain emotions in those who live that room and this brings a little colour and light-heartedness into the souls of the guests.

Inkiostro Bianco’s research for its wallpaper collections precisely fits into this subtle balance.

The fourth level offers visual inspirations taken from the 80s videogame world reinterpreted in an intuitive and unexpected way, according to the game's schemes and rules. A psychedelic and colourful virtual world, where every road leads to an encounter/clash with characters and obstacles. Only if we don't let ourselves be conditioned by pre-established paths can we find the courage to change and fully exploit our potential.

The world created by Paola Orione of Casavisual is a bonus level with a well-defined style compared to the rest of the game, where architectural wonders create perspective illusions and labyrinths in which delicate and elegant female characters appear.

The last level is the most difficult test which, once passed, leads to a momentary conclusion, but not to an end. We return to the great metropolis and slowly to the arcade from which we started. When you cross the threshold you return to the real world. The adventure is over, but life continues with renewed enthusiasm.

Just as Nib's journey, and that of each of us, continues in everyday life, so too will Inkiostro Bianco's research continue.

To make the mind of the observer travel, to make the gears turn faster and stimulate a creative response, not only in the strictly artistic sense, but understood as lateral thinking, which allows us to find original, sometimes even ingenious, solutions to the obstacles we find on our way.