The story of an imaginative and light-hearted journey through the world of video games for the new series of the cruise collection of Inkiostro Bianco wallpapers.

4 December 2020

The journey starts in the kingdom of light-heartedness par excellence: the amusement arcade.

A space in which you can feel yourself, and even more: you can be what you want and live extraordinary and fantastic alternative lives. You can transform yourself into heroes and princesses, aliens, animals and cross the limits of your own imagination. All you have to do is inserting the first token and start playing.

We asked ourselves what our audience might need during a historical moment like the one we are living in and while investigating deep within memory and nostalgia, a desire for freedom and lightness emerged. Memories of childhood and adolescence come back to mind with pleasure and respond to a concrete need: the playful need of the child who remains inside each of us and the need to get out of daily restrictions to find lost freedom, even if only mentally.

The decoration, and in particular the wallpaper, makes it possible to create a comfortable environment in which people living in those spaces can feel at ease and can satisfy at the same time the desire for original aesthetics and light-heartedness. The wallpaper of Inediti Serie 04 ARCADE becomes the perfect playful background for your everyday life.

The memory of the amusement arcade is part of the imagination of many people and just to make it easier to identify with the small avatar of our game, Nib, we chose to use this funny theme. Nib's journey starts from the environment of the arcade, where he finds himself almost magically transformed into a video game.
He will have to go through a series of levels with increasing difficulty, passing several tests under the watchful and severe eye of the game's Master, who will be his constant guide. As he proceeds within the game, he will accumulate points that will allow him to bring light-heartedness and creativity into everyone's daily life.

From the three-dimensional world to which we all are accustomed, Nib will have to move within the virtual bi-dimensional world. Among geometric shapes, pixels and 80s-inspired colours, he will learn about the fundamental elements of this new world.

The second level is quite comfortable, being still at the beginning of his journey. Pastel colours and soft shapes cradle the avatar in a dreamlike world, where the sense of time and the passage between day and night become increasingly blurred and blurred. Edgy elements that represent reality are mixed with colour backgrounds with simple and defined lines, just as dream and reality mix together.
An invitation to unleash the imagination to fully explore all the possibilities of this scenario and to bring a playful and colourful element inside the rooms.

In the third level we encounter the world developed by Leo De Carlo's whimsical personality, in which the theme of reinterpreting fairytale and imaginary scenarios in a virtual key strongly emerges. Retro elements reworked with a contemporary style, together with geometrical labyrinths make the protagonist of the story get lost, as in a modern fairy tale.
Each level is a world of its own with its own rules, full of obstacles but also of experiences that will allow Nib, and us with him, to experiment with creativity and explore new worlds with imagination. Choosing to enter the game of Inediti Serie 04 ARCADE stands for freedom, it represents the desire for escape and light-heartedness that we all share during the present moment.