Inkiostro Bianco's rugs brand offers a new sensory experience with the collection Synaesthesia II.

6 July 2022

After the first collection Woow rugs, Inkiostro Bianco formalises the identity of the new brand of rugs starting with the redefinition of the naming, which has led the parent company to contaminate the new brand with its own DNA and in synergy with the other products of Inkiostro Bianco.

Reality is moulded to create ever new relationships and connections.

A true sensory experience that will provide the product an original personality.

Ink Rugs have the features of a modern flying carpet: they do not judge but fulfil wishes. They are not just conventional rugs, they are a condensation of sounds, shapes, colours, scents and a vortex of sensations that awaken the imagination. A constantly evolving universe of sensations that we can decide to take with us as we please.

Synaesthesia II brings onto 13 new rugs something that is not a rug, transporting eyes and minds into a universe of personal and imaginative connections. A proposal that recalls the world of classic rugs, reinterpreting them with elements and surfaces that you would not expect to find on a rug, such as wood, paper, cement or stone.

The surprise effect is what we are aiming for: to deceive the eye of the observers to such an extent as to make them think “Is this really a rug?” and perhaps even to reach out a hand to have a tactile confirmation of the object in front of them.

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