Want to jump on board?

A new world has opened its doors. A new material.
Actually, it is so much more: an unprecedented experience.
A journey in which all senses need to be involved in order to connect with intuition and creativity the elements we draw from the world around us. We shape our reality to create ever new relationships and connections. A true sensory experience that will give the product an original personality.

The rugs by INK.RUGS have the features of a modern flying carpet: they do not judge but fulfil wishes and you decide what feelings you want to take with you after this journey. INK.RUGS is a brand of Inkiostro Bianco. The passion is the same: we design creative solutions to mark spaces of serenity and stay close to those who choose us. The rug is transformed into a portable universe, which, according to its position in space, locates comfort zones and areas dedicated to moments of relaxation, conviviality or for personal attention.

These are not just any carpets, they are a condensation of sounds, shapes, colours, scents and a whirl of sensations that awaken the imagination. An ever-changing universe of sensations that we can take with us where we please. A surprise that changes together with the product as a result of new and different experiences that the rug allows us to live even within the same room. Simply repositioning the rug in different rooms will open up new stories and new ideas to live each space intensely.


Synaesthesia is an experience of simultaneous perception, a process that consists of the spontaneous and non-rational connections of several senses. Even very distant concepts can be linked through associations of different sensory spheres.

With the second collection we bring to the rug something different, transporting eye and mind into a universe of personal and imaginative connections.
A journey to the limits of the oneiric where reality is distorted and mixed while perceptions expand.

After a first collection featuring bright colours and lively subjects, we continue the synaesthetic experience with a more refined and at times minimalist line, which examines nuanced languages, perceptive contrasts, even strong ones, but always maintaining a harmonious balance between colours and shapes.

We intend to make a proposal that recalls the world of classic rugs, revisiting them with elements of materials that one would not expect to find on a rug, such as wood, paper, cement.

A true synaesthesia!

The surprise effect is what we are aiming for: to deceive the eye of the observers to such an extent as to make them think “Is this really a rug?” and perhaps even to reach out a hand to have a tactile confirmation of the object in front of them.

Wow... it's not just an ordinary rug!

Our rugs are a condensed of sounds, shapes, colours, scents and a whirlwind of the most diverse sensations you can imagine. It's a rug that decides which sensations making feel you, although, to be precise, you’ll decide them, yes you, together with it!

We want to offer you a rug that makes you feel good, that can fill your life with colours and extraordinary adventures. This is why the first collection of INK.RUGS is called
SYNESTHESIA. It means being able to smell, taste or hear colours; being able to see music or the shape of a sound or a taste.

Mix up your senses!

Our rugs feature images that sounds melodious and aim to convey a rich invisible world that can only be revealed through the interaction with the product, starting with the observation.

It will then be possible to match the images with sensations that are very different from each other, letting the senses take hold of our hearts to reveal those deep emotions that the experience will allow to emerge. In a flash, you will be transported on a journey to distant countries where you can smell the stinging smells of the local markets; it will be exciting to take part to an eclipse or the spectacle of a volcanic eruption and be enchanted by the lights of its colours; touching the silkiness of amber and getting benefits for the spirit.

The sight of soft, geometric shapes, flower petals and strong lines will sound like melodious, full or scratched, sharp and pointed notes. It will be possible to delve into the colours of one's emotions in an introspective journey in search of oneself.

Change your perspective: it's not our rug, it's your rug! It fulfils your wishes and lets you decide which experience you want to take with you.

A beautiful rug is not enough if it does not reveal your personality. You have to let yourself be involved by the experience and live it without prejudice, loosen any brakes and let creativity run free, overwhelming you with images in a kaleidoscope of sensations and emotions. It is a rug that looks good everywhere, we dare say: almost for every occasion.