The inspirations of the Inkiostro Bianco wallpapers based on the tailoring field.

20 May 2019

A dress with simple and soft lines often hides years of research, culture, talent and work.

The careful research of the right fabric, of the fantasies and the colours, the study of the perfect shape, the care for infinitesimal details are the base of the work for a tailor-made dress following the rules of the tailoring art.

Quality, excellence, wonder are the features that a dress expresses in each of its details.

The emotion that reaches the heart of the person wearing a handcrafted dress is exactly what makes them fall in love with that dress. It is not a simple accessory, but it becomes a way to express your own personality at its best.
The same emotionality is the target that Inkiostro Bianco tries to achieve in the look of the people who observe the wallpapers and chooses them to decorate their spaces, both domestic and commercial.

Fashion is an important source of inspiration to understand the trend in terms of fantasies, colours, patterns and shapes, but it is also a suitable point of comparison regarding the customisation and the meticulous care that the brand infuses in any project.
Stylists and designers constantly work for a single aim: recreate emotions through the creation of a unique and original product.

Just like a dress is chosen according to the mood of the day, it is possible to choose the wallpaper according to the style for a specific project. Each room can have the perfect combination of the right decoration to characterise the room following the creative inspirations provided by the customer.
Creativity and emotion intertwine to give birth to solutions suitable for vinyl wallpaper in the living areas, as well as EQ Dekor fiberglass wallpaper on surfaces in contact with water of humidity.