The wallpaper becomes a work of art and decorates with beauty the houses’ walls.

19 March 2021

The cooperation with the artist Gio Bressana keeps going on after its start in 2019 with Sang Réal collection, a refined journey through the talented brush strokes of an artist who trasforms any surface into a real masterpiece.

The new wallpaper collection Reminiscenze signed by Gio Bressana carries on the same path unveiling a new stage of the journey: the exploration of a non-place, an enchanted space where the encouter with the memory makes the experience persistent.
Erect and majestic architectures worn by the passing of time become non-places in their abandoned perspectives, representing the steadiness of times in the memory of the remembrances.
The new wallpapers bring into a mystic middle-world where the architectures and the landscape tell the story of a glorious past, a scenario that recalls almost supernatural presences.

Reminiscenze Special Edition by Gio Bressana for Inkiostro Bianco celebrates the power of art of giving persistency and pragmatism to past memories brought back to life on the walls that, from simple decorations become the frame within which travelling with the mind towards the non-places of our remembrances.

On the occasion of the release of the four new artworks, the artist gifted the brand with a new colourful interpretation for one of the bestsellers released in the previous wallpaper collection: the design Ibis turns into pink, a glamour proposal in line with fashion trends. Considering the success of the previous edition, Gio has seized the opportunity to continue its path creating a spin-off of the previous production with the new graphic design Enapay which takes on the pale and faint colours of the remembrance, a sort of interlude introducing the new journey.

In addition to the new design, Sang Réal collections photo settings have been completely renewed and featured in an all-in-one catalogue dedicated to the cooperation with the artist.

"I’m really proud to bring the beauty of our Italian artistic tradition into an interior decoration project." declares Bressana "The wallpaper is one of the means through which I am able to realize my dream: gifting others with something beautiful. It’s a tribute of Beauty for everyone."

Inkiostro Bianco collections confirm the willingness of giving the opportunity to anyone of bringing beauty in their own lives.