The new edition of the gold effect wallpaper collection by Inkiostro Bianco welcomes the collaboration of 4 new designers.

15 June 2020

New faces are added to the golden dreams of the Goldenwall 2020 wallpaper collection. Starting with the new release, it will no longer be just the designers of Inkiostro Bianco to try their hand at the precious imaginary created by Inkiostro Bianco.

The brand’s collaboration with talented designers such as Studio Zero, partner of Inkiostro Bianco for several years, and Giorgia Ricci, who started the collaboration for the Sketchbook collection, is consolidated. The works of two brilliant designers: Marco Pisati and Michelle Poonawalla.

A single support and different interpretations, the interesting aspect of the Goldenwall 2020 wallpaper collection is the possibility to create luxurious and dreamy atmospheres suitable for both refined locations as well as residential contexts, where you still want to give a precious look to the walls.