Inkiostro Bianco follows the spring-summer 2019 accessories trends.

3 June 2019

The spring-summer season 2019 is outlined as rich in shiny and colourful surprises.
Decorations with saturated and lively colour tones, as well as macro and eye-catching prints open the way to the sunny season in an original way thus providing a strong and iconic character to the accessories that you choose to wear.
Fundamental is also the golden and metal touch, which contributes to make any outfit and any room luxurious and chic.

According to this trend the luxury collection Goldenwall, presented by Inkiostro Bianco 2018 and enriched by 10 new graphic designs during January 2019, perfectly creates unusual atmospheres through iridescent reflections on the walls. Geometric traits, floral decorations and illustrated characters alternate on the surfaces opening new decorative perspective.

The wallpapers in gold leaf and pink gold leaf provide additional gleam and shiny effects playing with the lighting points of the room to create refined atmospheres. Commercial and residential spaces receive a precious, intriguing and exclusive identity, thanks to the innovative collection specifically designed by the brand for these materials.

An accessory, be it bijoux, pochettes or shoes, shall never be insignificant or stay unnoticed. On the contrary it is the fundamental detail that completes the look at make it glamour.
The wallpaper is not an accessory to decorate the rooms anymore, it is indeed a true furnishing element, that enriches and completes the room in a unique and original way.