Inkiostro Bianco's in-house team reveals some of its faces, those who participated in the creation of the Sketchbook wallpaper collection.

13 March 2020

We asked the designers of Inkiostro Bianco who participated in the creation of the Sketchbook wallpaper collection to tell us their thoughts, inspirations and the secrets that lay behind the construction of such a creative project.

Four rather different personalities, each with its own particular way of seeing the reality surrounding us. Each designer takes us on a different journey, privileging sensations or observation or even the research for a specific style.

Four voices, each one with its own timbre and nuances.

But let them take the floor now…

“Illustrating for me means putting into practice everything my imagination creates, observing [...] everything that can arouse an emotion.” (Veronika)

“The illustration is like a window that the artist opens to show a part of herself” (Alessandra)

“Illustrating for me means expressing, portraying, broadly expanding what you think.” (Claudia)

“To illustrate means to illuminate, make light and bright. To show us something that we would never have seen on our own” (Manuel)

The common line among these thoughts is the idea of something opening up and making light, bringing out and giving expression to what is inside each of us. The creative and imaginative side that feels the need to express itself, to get out and be shared with others.

The fundamental reflection to do to bring the general concept of creativity to a wallpaper project is therefore like bringing something so intimate and the result of personal research on a wall, therefore on a "canvas" so different. In this case it is necessary to "think bigger, create a work that is able to expand in space, adapt, change, wrap and change the room itself" (Manuel). "Starting from a basic idea, a theme is then developed by projecting it into a room by entering within it and understanding how to make it work" (Claudia).

The sketchbook for some people is virtual "I tend to throw down every idea I have directly drawing on a computer, using effects, brushes and filters" (Veronika) for others it's physical, for others it's a space made of memories and memories of experiences such as photographs, exhibitions, books, people, meetings, "I photograph details I like, sometimes they become nothing, sometimes they become paintings, other times they simply remind me of that moment" (Alessandra). Other times the sketchbook doesn't even exist: "My notebook doesn't really exist, it's made of fragments of memory that remain there until the moment they come to life on canvas" (Manuel).

All of this is the springboard from which to set off on this journey of creative discovery from the notebook to the walls. What helps us on this journey is our whole background of experiences, knowledge, our passions, interests, our masters, in short: everything we are. These are the tools, but each person makes a journey of their own.

Every texture, texture, geometry, color can take on new and different meanings depending on the moment that person looks at them. The style can vary according to feelings and emotions. Sometimes it is romantic and sweet, other times it is decisive, angular, or even dynamic, energetic and evocative.

Every graphic design and decoration becomes the expression of an idea: the relaxation and tranquility of a flowery meadow or the dynamic colours and ethnic shapes of the African style, trees with a full-bodied trait and simple, almost elementary shapes, the desire to find oneself immersed in a solitary forest, the encounter that is hidden in the eyes of other people and in diversity.

Each decoration is a page in the notebook, each page is a different journey. A different story.
The love for details, the desire to be transported only by sensations and curiosity, research and incessant experimentation are some of the features that distinguish the creative soul of Inkiostro Bianco. A spirit that loves to ask questions and seek its own answers, not without a good dose of fear, but with the hope of arousing an emotion on the walls.

So, are you curious?