Childhood memories and nature observed unveil the pages of a secret herbarium.

26 February 2020

Travel memories, pages of the herbarium, passing emotions, classic mythological inspirations and passion for nature.

The creative moment, here understood in the classical sense therefore meaning of movement, motion, is a tension, an impulse that is impossible to silence. Flowers, animals, people, places of life and colours are memories and are inseparably intertwined with our deepest ropes. It is precisely this mixture of elements that makes everyone’s creations unique and fundamentally different.

When you follow this momentum of creation, you don’t always think about everything, you let yourself be carried away by passion. All this is inside you and when you stop and look at your finished work you see yourself in the mirror: the flower you have picked, the faces you have met and that had struck you, that fresh morning air of your home, your mother, your hometown.

A background of classical inspiration that winks at ancient Greek mythology meets and mixes with the dictates of fashion. The colour trends and an intense passion for colour nuances are the guide lines: intense yellow and red juxtaposed with pastel pink, green and lilac colours, scratched by white pencil, intense or light greys, warm and soft veils that let you glimpse what is underneath and at the same time create yet another delicate shade.

A world with a fairy-tale and classic inspiration, with flowers swaying in the wind and animal shapes comes to life on the walls, making every flower collected in this imaginary herbarium a frame that comes back to memory.

The colourful butterflies of the Amazon in the Natural History Museum, childhood memories in the country house, a song by Fabrizio De Andrè, paintings by the great romantic painters can give the right inspiration at any time.

In this particular universe to illustrate means to transcribe feelings, to tell through the drawn images a thought, a memory, an idea. To develop a project according to one's own sensitivity. To give light to the colours, lines and atmospheres that belong to us.