Inkiostro Bianco products combine to propose a complete project inside the bathroom.

15 December 2018

The concept of design on multi-material is one of the cornerstones of the creative thinking of the brand and it finds its perfect setting in the bathroom.

The bathroom is the place where you allow yourself to relax and take care of yourself. Whether in a spa of a luxury hotel, a wellness center or a domestic bathroom, Inkiostro Bianco products combine to create emotional atmospheres every time different.

The printed wooden wallcovering collection lineadeko, made in partnership with Listone Giordano, finely decorates the bathroom with delicate designs and geometric patterns. These designs applied on the wooden material, that has an inner natural texture, give birth to an elegant furnishing element to give a warm and comfortable touch to a relaxing bathroom.

Decoration is the focus and it is applied to the specific features of the different materials according to the use. Eq Dekor fiber glass inside the shower completes the proposal of the birch wallcovering lineadeko.

Fiber glass allows the decoration to play with pleasant floral motives or stronger geometrics, light colours and soft lines, in order to evoke different moods in the people who live the rooms., in complete harmony with the style of the whole space. Fiber glass is a material with high structural resistance and it is perfectly suitable for bathrooms, showers and floorings. A technical material applied with a decorative purpose inside humid environments and surfaces in direct contact with water, to complete the product portfolio. The result is an emotional canvas with unique technical features.

Technique and decoration, these are the elements that blend together to create the bathroom project according to Inkiostro Bianco.