The new Inkiostro Bianco wallcovering collection 01-2019

1 February 2019

The new collection signed by Inkiostro Bianco is rooted in Nature itself in the whole variety of its shapes and colours. The world around us is the scenery of our lives and we often forget to dedicate the right attention to it.

The first step is the observation of nature in all its dimensions, where simplicity becomes a display of fineness. Through this process of accurate observation, it is possible to rediscover details that are usually taken for granted.

As Nature effortlessly transforms itself into a creator of beauty and hides details of infinite complexity within simple elements such as a leaf or the fur of an animal, the observer should feel the same craving for beauty and start her/his own careful research into the world.

The eyes are the magnifying glass through which it is possible to translate the beauty of the universe into emotions. Emotion itself has always been the centre of the brand’s vision and it finds the leading role of this collection towards a new way of looking at the reality in all its shapes.

A collection made up by 23 graphic designs divided in 4 styles: floral, geometric, animalier and illustrative, that aim at conveying on the walls the same emotion of nature observation. Any person can find moving elements among colours, shapes, textures and patterns, that awake atavistic emotions.

Any room can be enriched with a refined and contemporary outfit, ideal to create a striking emotional impact in the people who observe and live within that space. A call towards an ancient Nature, that thus finds a modern interpretation.